Q. How long does a Smashcake last once made?

A. If stored in a cool, dry area void of sunlight a Smashcake can last for a couple of months once constructed.

Q. What do I smash my Smashcake with?

A. We recommended a large wooden spoon, mallet or similar kitchen utensil. If you have a hammer mould included in the kit, these present beautifully & finish off the product perfectly but are not intended for Smashing! Having said, we've heard alot of funny stories about  people trying!!

Q. Can I buy the Smashcake or hammer mould without buying the whole kit?

A.  No unfortunately at this point in time we do not sell the moulds seperately- but we welcome everyones feedback & if this is a popular request we look at introducing these.

Q. How large/ what size are the Original Smashcakes?

A. The Smashcake weighs approx 1.3kg once constructed & filled. It stands approx 20cm high. Allowing a 50g serve per person (the size of a standard chocolate bar) this would cover 26 serves. Please use this as a guide only as servings sizes vary on an individual basis.

Q. What chocolate do you use?

A. We are proud to use the same premium quality Cadbury Chocolate in our DIY Smashcake kits as we use here at Smashcake HQ. 

Q. Can i have a different filling?

A. We only supply the Party Mix option at the moment for our DIY Smashcakes. You can always purchase your own preferred sweets & add them to our mix or simply indulge on our party mix & add your own favourites!

Q. Is the mould re-useable?

A. Yes. The mould has been designed for the use of the kit but if handelled & cared for correctly can be used again. The moulds need to be washed in warm (not hot) water without detegent.

Q. Do you refund on kits?

A. No we don't refund on our DIY Smashcake kits. We aim to bring you the best quality product avavilable & do not refund if you change your mind so please choose carefully.

Q. What is the allergen information for the DIY Smashcake Kits?

A. Our products are NOT gluten, dairy or nut nut free. There may be traces of gluten or nuts in our products so if in doubt please do not use. Allergen/Nutritional listings are included in the kits.

Q. Is your product Kosher?

The chocolate provided is suitable for Kosher but the lollies are not. You can always purchase your own Kosher lollies & use with the Smashcake if required.

Q. I have a question but it's not here?!

A. Please email us  at  & we are only too happy to help with any other questions you may have.