DIY Testimonials

Our very first DIY Smashcake customer  (from QLD) sent us this fantastic feedback & Smashing photos!

Hi Kylene,


I just make the Smashcake! 

In really happy with how it turned out, I can't even boil an egg, so I'm so happy this worked for me. I will forward some photos too. 

I was so happy to find the tube of icing stuff included (was a bit worried about that). I also used some of that to "stick" the lid on top of the base (probably not needed). 

Overall it was great... fun to make, easy to follow instructions, and looks great finished! Can't believe it just came away from the mold, and even looked shiny!

Next time I think I need to be a bit neater around the rim, should have wiped my excess chocolate off before putting in the fridge (that's probably common sense to most people). 

Big thank you! Thanks for sending me your kit early.



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