Our ORIGINAL CUPCAKE SMASHCAKES are big, bold and bright (20cm by 20cm) & weigh in, at over 2kg+

Our LARGE DOME ORIGINAL SMASHCAKES are at least double the size weighing in at over 3.5kg+

Personalise your ORIGINAL SMASHCAKE by adding a name and number or a special message.

All ORIGINAL SMASHCAKES are decorated with multi-coloured smarties  and freckles or if you opt for our Choc-a-Block domes (medium or mega size) you can tell us what you'd like you them to be topped with!

We can custom design colours /themes & designs so let us know what you'd like! Check out our gallery or themed Smashcakes for great ideas.

At SmashcakeHQ we are big on taste as well as presentation so you can be guaranteed that not only will your Smashcake taste great but it will look amazing too!




Check out our new SmashCakeHQ website www.smashcakehq.com.au for heaps of great new designs & be sure to mention your school if they are partners of our loyalty rewards program!

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