Original Smashcakes

Our most popular, Original style Smashcakes are always a smash hit!

Passionately hand made & Designed For Destruction.

Every Original Smashcake is a unique, hand crafted piece of edible art!

  • Original Cupcakes weigh in at 2kg +                                          
  • Large Dome Original Smashcakes weigh in at 3.5kg+
  • Drip & "top hat"Smashcakes tip the scales at 4kg+
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Dripping & topped with chocolatey goodness our Belgian Chocolate Drip Smashcakes are to die for......

If you're Gluten free, now you can have your Smashcake & eat it too! Topped with & fill.....

 A pretty little Gluten Free Smashcake! Approx 2.2kg.....

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