Smashpizza™ an iniative started by our 14 year old in house entrenepeur, Jesse Lovat. Jesse offers custom corporate Smashpizzas for campaigns, events, celebrations and occassions.

Jesse took his first corporate Smashpizza order in August 2021, where 80 branded Smashpizzas were successfully sent across NSW, VIC, QLD and the ACT to celebrate the clients 15th birthday (see pics below).

Jesse has since created 1000's of Smashizzas. These have included chocolate pizza's for Taubman's 125th Birthday, Fantastic Furniture, Mavern Dental, and many others. His Smashpizza's have also been purchased by several local Sydney schools, who have gifted Smashpizzas to teachers and HSC students.

Corporate Smashpizzas can be branded with edible logos, custom colored lollies, branded stickers and insert flyers. They are presented in an authentic pizza box with wooden mallet for Smashing.

Our aim is to take your brand to a new level by creating someting totally unique and fun with our interactive corporate Smashpizza's.  

Priced at $35.95 per Smashpizza (+ delivery).

Please note-minimum order quantities apply.

Please contact us to discuss.






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